CartographyDexterity & Wisdom
Trade Skill
"I've been all over the world! On all of these continents! There isn't anything you could show me on this map that....what the hell is that over there?!"
——Basil Thereon, Explorer

Cartography, also known as map-making, is the art of creating and interpreting maps. Cartographers have a general knowledge of geography and topography, and can identify common or famous landmarks. Using landmarks, a cartography can identify the area a map covers and can recognize falsities or inconsistencies in a map. Cartography lore allows a character to recognize the work of famous cartographers, identify legendary maps, and interpret encoded maps.

Common Uses of the Cartography Skill.
  • Create detailed and accurate maps
  • Interpret maps created by others
  • Recognize landmarks and be able to association them with notations on a map
  • Recognize falsehoods or inconsistencies in a map
  • Recognize the work of famous Cartographers, including any oddities about their maps
  • Create and interpret encoded maps.
Example Difficulties for Cartography
Read a basic mapDF 1DC 5
Recognize local landmarksDF 2DC 10
Recognize non-local landmarksDF 3DC 15
Create a basic mapDF 3DC 15
Read a topographic mapDF 5DC 25
Create detailed map (to scale, topographic, etc)DF 6DC 30
Identify famous cartographers workDF 6DC 30
Interpret an encoded mapDF 7DC 35
Create an encoded mapDF 8DC 40
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