Ritual Casting

Ritual CastingIntelligence & Wisdom
Trade Skill
"Channeling magic for a wizard is the equivalent to riding a horse for a cavalryman. Rituals require a bit more......finesse."
——Nordan Phillos, Master Ritualist

The Ritual Casting skill allows a character to perform and identify ritual magic. Ritual Casting lore includes the ability to recognize ritual components, to determine how the effects of a ritual can be disrupted or removed, and overall knowledge of specific rituals. Creatures of Master tier and higher may even be able to create their own rituals. While Ritual Casting in and of itself does not require the ability to use magic philosophies, many rituals have Divine or Eldritch philosophy requirements and ritual casting is very limited without training in at least one magic philosophy.

Common Uses of the Ritual Casting Skill
  • Perform rituals
  • Identify ritual magic
  • Determine how to disrupt or remove a particular ritual
  • Identify Ritual Components
Common Modifiers for Identify Ritual Magic
Familiar with Ritual (practiced yourself or by someone in party)+10/td>
Seen and identified Ritual before+5
Unique Ritual-10
Common DCs for the Ritual Casting Skill
Identify common ritual componentsDF 3DC 15
Identify uncommon ritual componentsDF 4DC 20
Identify rare ritual componentsDF 5DC 25
Identify very rare ritual componentsDF 6DC 30
Identify extremely rare ritual componentsDF 7DC 35

See Casting Rituals for more details.

Gaining Rituals

Every time you increase your Rank in Ritual Casting, you also learn and may add a single ritual to your ritual book for free. You must still meet any prerequisites for the ritual. This means that at Rank 1 you gain a ritual of Rank 1, and at Rank 2 you gain a ritual of Rank 2 or less, etc. Therefore, a first level character with rank 3 ritual casting will have three rituals, one at rank 1, one at rank 2 (or less) and one at rank 3 (or less).

Rituals may also be shared between creatures, with one creature allowing another to copy the ritual into a ritual book. Rituals may also be purchased from Religious Institutions, Mage Academies, or just local purveyors of magic. Such merchants generally charge an 'access' fee of [(Ritual Rank)2 x 10gp] before allowing someone to copy the ritual from them. Occasionally, rituals may also be found while adventuring either on a scroll that may be used once only, or that can be transcribed into a ritual book.

Writing Down Rituals

Copying a ritual into a ritual book requires magic ink. A ritual requires 2 pages within a ritual book per rank of the ritual (or equivalent space in a non-traditional ritual book). Magic Ink generally costs 10gp per page.

Powers that Use Ritual Casting
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