Religious Arts

Religious ArtsWisdom & Charisma
Trade Skill [Restricted]
"There's more to being a priest than just having faith. Not everyone can just believe, some of them have to be taught."
——Molaine Whaithan, Bookkeeper for the Church of Silvered Light

The Religious Arts skill represents the study of the Divine Philosophy, including the ability to identify prayers, to recognize a user of Divine Magic, and to identify the religious symbols and paraphernalia. Religious Arts Lore includes knowledge of the history of Divine Magic, Deities and their portfolios, famous Divine Casters and religious figures, religious legends and artifacts, as well as familiarity with the practices, culture, and structure of religious organizations.

The Religious Arts Skill is restricted, indicating the it may only be utilized by members of specific classes, such as a Cleric or Paladin, who gain access to the skill as a Class Feature.

Common Uses of the Religious Arts Skill
  • Use Identify Prayer to determine what prayer is being cast.
  • Use Evaluate Divine Caster to determine someone's casting ability relative to your own.
  • Identify religious symbols and paraphernalia
  • Have knowledge of the history of Divine Magic and famous religious figures.
  • Have knowledge of the deities and their portfolios.
  • Be familiar with the practices, culture, and structure of religious organizations.
Difficulties for Identify Prayer
Basic PrayerDF 3DC 20
Advanced PrayerDF 5DC 25
Legendary PrayerDF 7DC 35
Ultimate PrayerDF 9DC 45
Powers that Use Religious Arts
Feats that Use Religious Arts
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