Just as religion has driven much of history, religion can drive plot and story within your game. Depending on your character concept, your character may worship a specific deity that aligns with his ideals and personality. Choosing a deity may grant your character bonuses or penalties, and is optional for all characters. A sample list of deities can be found below. Remember, this list is only for suggestions, and your GM may have campaign specific deities that you should subscribe to.

AdatinConstructive MagicLawful GoodCreation, Law, Magic, Time
AtzuBooks, Literature, Art, & LanguageNeutralBalance, Glyph, Knowledge, Time
BeirAlchemy, Fermentation, & AleChaoticCreation, Feast, Knowledge, Water
CainUndeath & the UndeadLawful EvilCorruption, Evil, Law, Undeath
Cord, Goddess of FateLuck, Fate, & FortuneNeutralBalance, Luck, Star, Time
Cydeth, God of WrathMurder, Brutality, Killing, & HateEvilBlood, Courage, Evil, Wrath
CrythWryth: The Season of DarknessUnalignedDarkness, Death, Moon, Sorrow
CyzynJustice, Law, Sentence, Judges, & PenanceLawful EvilJudgement, Law, Mind, Pain
Dio, Lord of AngelsLord of AngelsLawful GoodGood, Law, Light, War
DixaadLust, Rape, & ProstitutionLawful EvilEvil, Joy, Merchant, Pain
Dome, God of ConstructionShelter, Homes, Castles, & StructuresGoodCreation, Clan, Earth, Protection
EftDedication, Work, Seriousness, & HarvestLawfulCreation, Harvest, Plant, Strength
EskJoy, Happiness, Pranks, & EntertainmentChaoticChaos, Feast, Joy, Trickery
Frame, God of BonesBone & MovementUnalignedBone, Earth, Strength, Travel
GloGlows, Fairies, & Fairy FireChaotic GoodJoy, Light, Star, Trickery
GrypTerror, Nightmares, & CowardiceChaotic EvilChaos, Cold, Darkness, Mind
GyvCharity, Caring, Kindness, & CompassionGoodClan, Feast, Good, Healing
HalakaDestructive MagicChaotic EvilChaos, Destruction, Fire, Magic
HeatByrnth: The Season of FireUnalignedFire, Light, Sky, Sun
HemeBlood & MortalityUnalignedBlood, Death, Fire, Healing
Hemotis, Hellspawn KingKing of DemonsLawful EvilBlood, Darkness, Evil, War
HoaxDeception, Traitors, & Bad LuckEvilCorruption, Darkness, Luck, Trickery
HoxDeath, Burial, & CatacombsNeutralBone, Death, Earth, Tranquility
HynterWynth: The Season of AirUnalignedAir, Cold, Sky, Tranquility
KaluLove, Companionship, & FriendshipChaotic GoodGood, Joy, Mind, Protection
KaseFlesh & TattoosUnalignedClan, Glyph, Pain, Water
Kohorin, God of the WarforgeWeapons, Forges, Blades, & SmeltingNeutralCreation, Fire, Metal, War
KoleNew Life, Birth, & GrowthGoodAnimal, Healing, Life, Plant
LymnLywth: The Season of LightUnalignedLife, Light, Joy, Sun
MazeIllusionsNeutralAir, Magic, Mind, Trickery
Myne, Goddess of GreedConsumption, Greed, & GluttonyEvilEvil, Feast, Harvest, Merchant
MystMysth: The Season of WaterUnalignedLife, Sea, Storm, Water
MyteCaves, the Underdark, Spelunking, & MiningChaoticDarkness, Earth, Metal, Travel
NyllRemorse & RegretNeutralBalance, Pain, Sorrow, Tranquility
Odeen, Goddess of HealingHealing MagicGoodGood, Healing, Magic, Water
PixylBirds, Flying Creatures, Flight, & SpeedUnalignedAir, Animal, Sky, Travel
Rhode, God of Travel and WanderlustTravel, Moving On, & WanderlustChaotic GoodAir, Moon, Star, Travel
RoliSleep, Peace, Rest, & DreamsLawful GoodMind, Moon, Star, Tranquility
RycytMoney, Wealth, Trade, & CurrencyLawfulKnowledge, Merchant, Sea, Travel
RypRykth: The Season of EarthUnalignedCold, Earth, Feast, Harvest
Rysus, God of BreathBreath & SpeechUnalignedAir, Hymn, Life, Tranquility
SapDeath Magic & Black NecromancyEvilBone, Death, Magic, Undeath
Sapre, Goddess of WarLeaders, Armies, Battles, & StrategyLawfulCourage, Destruction, Strength, War
Scay, Goddess of ImprisonmentImprisonment & CaptureEvilGlyph, Judgement, Metal, Sorrow
Sheld, God of ProtectionArmor, Guardians, & ProtectionGoodCourage, Metal, Protection, War
Soot, God of SecretsAshes, Memories, & SecretsLawfulKnowledge, Mind, Time, Tranquility
StabAssassins, Snipers, Scouts, Stealth, & ThievesChaotic EvilBlood, Luck, Trickery, War
Sul, Goddess of Hope and CourageHope & CourageChaotic GoodCourage, Hymn, Light, Luck
SytheRage & AngerChaoticChaos, Destruction, Fire, Wrath
ThornPlants & Plant CreaturesNeutralBalance, Earth, Light, Plant
TorqInvention, Craft, Combustion, & ExplosionsGoodCreation, Fire, Good, Knowledge
Torse, God of PurificationPurificationLawful GoodGood, Law, Sun, Wrath
TryteFish, Creatures of the Sea, & MarineUnalignedAnimal, Sea, Storm, Water
UllemMammals & BeastsUnalignedAnimal, Life, Strength, Travel
VentVengeance, Retribution, & LightningLawfulBlood, Judgement, Storm, Wrath
VeoTorture, Pain, & AgonyEvilEvil, Healing, Knowledge, Pain
Vipis, God of CorruptionPoisons, Toxins, Diseases, & Corruption of LifeChaotic EvilChaos, Corruption, Death, Life
WhalDefensive MagicLawfulGlyph, Law, Magic, Protection
XalinSorrow, Tragedy, Mourning, & AccidentsChaoticCold, Death, Hymn, Sorrow
YcCold, Arctic, Ice, & FrostChaoticChaos, Cold, Darkness, Moon

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