Odeen, Goddess of Healing

[Female, Good]
The Goddess, Odeen, is known as the Mistress of the Healing Waters, and she represents the interests of all those who would prefer to care for those in need. Much like a flowing stream, her presence is calming and serene, never rushing to rash decisions or prone to impulsive actions like other deities. She is known also for her kindness and compassion for mortals, displaying genuine concern and deference to the “lesser” creatures of the universe in contrast to the behavior of most other gods.

Odeen appears as a beautiful human woman with pale skin in her mid-thirties. She has bright blue eyes that shimmer with the calm of still waters. She is most commonly seen in bright white robes with a deep blue outer vestment featuring divine symbols representing the flow of water and healing energies joining along the same stream of magic.

Odeen seeks to provide restoration and rejuvenation for all those who have been harmed unjustly. In this, she is sometimes not discriminating, being known to grant aid to unsavory individuals if the the end result works towards the greater good. Odeen expects small tithes from those who serve her, and less sacrifice from those who worship her. As a goddess of giving, the gesture of speaking a simple prayer over clean water before adding it to a shrine will ensure the prayer is received.
Portfolio: Healing Magic
Spheres: Good, Healing, Magic, and Water
Cleric Training:
Prospective clerics of Odeen are placed through a series of tests at a young age to determine their potential for calm decision making, benevolence and aptitude for wielding divine energy. As long as two out of the three requirements are met, the methods of divine tutelage practiced by the priests and priestesses of Odeen ensure the third will be acquired before the new acolyte’s ordination. In rare cases, some individuals who have accepted this path will be unwilling or unable to complete this phase of self improvement, and are eventually released from service with a generous gift of food, purified water, a substantial sum of money, and a written letter from the Cleric responsible for the decision explaining the choice in detail. This practice alone has garnered the Clerics of Odeen a reputation for being fair, compassionate, and honorable beyond reproach. It is has also ensured very few grudges against the church. Once an Acolyte completes their initial lessons, they are sent out into the world, accompanying a more experienced cleric on missions to gain practical knowledge and wisdom, as well as some experience in battle when necessary. This period makes up the bulk of their training, and is simultaneously the most memorable and dangerous time in a young cleric’s life. They are encouraged to explore the facets of communities they visit, good or evil, and offer aid without personal bias where it is needed (with only a few extreme acceptions). This ensures that all Clerics of Odeen remain open minded to an ever-changing world, making them better able to flow through whatever environment they find themselves in. This also ensure that they are able to promote the restorative doctrines of Odeen as much as possible.
The Eternal Wellspring
Within the Church of Odeen there is legend of a spring of pure, blessed water that runs endlessly, forever replenishing itself. The waters that are produced by this mystical fountain are said to not only heal wounds, cleanse maladies, and nourish the weak, but also restore years lost to time or supernatural injuries. In some rare cases, it is also rumored that the wellspring may bestow the gift of eternal life to those it deems worthy. True immortality, without strings or limitations, the imbiber will cease aging, even reverting to the time in their life when they were strongest, and remain so forevermore. The only way for this gift to be lost is by a voluntary corruption of the soul. Since the Wellspring judges individuals with supposed infallibility, there are no recorded incidents of this ever occurring. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the Eternal Wellspring are a mystery to all. The Clerics of Odeen themselves understand that this incredibly rare gift is not something that is found through faith and sacrifice alone. The Eternal Wellspring is found only because it wants to be found by the person seeking it. Several individuals throughout history have managed to locate it. One discovered it in her youth at the age of 16, while another, most unusual redeemed half-orc warrior found it at the age of 63. Since time and growth seem to vary in when the Wellspring appears, many have spent their lives relentlessly searching for the wondrous instrument of Odeen.
The Prayer of Still Waters
Allow the affliction that has taken this body to flow through and pass to a place where it can do no more harm. Through your eyes I would take from the healing waters and gift it to the mortal from, so its suffering may end.
The Hymn of Rage
Drink of the waters
Within their calm
We shall find the strength
To restore all harm
Mother Ahuela
Within the city of Condension sits Mother Ahuela, more commonly known as the Temple of Odeen.Within and without the temple’s pure white marble walls run an impressive 121 free flowing streams that extend throughout the entire city, then circulate back to the structure. The returning water is constantly purified for reuse thanks to a great blessing bestowed by the Hierophant of the order. The ritual to renew the enchantment must be performed annually, and is treated as a holiday amongst the civilians and clergy. Thanks to this constant renewal, the water within the city is always purified, and its inhabitants never become sick thanks to its cleansing nature.

Within the temple, the stonework on the walls is colored a vibrant deep blue, while the supporting structures and artwork are made of pure white, some with very modest gilding. Numerous smaller rooms have been built around the main chapel, separated into multiple wings. Some serve as living quarters for the clergy, and others house simple bathing pools for relaxation and natural restoration. A third wing is reserved for magically enchanted pools used for the cleansing of ailments and injuries. Access to these rooms is granted on a case by case basis, depending on the individual. The kind hearted and self-sacrificing are generally given free reign of these areas to help themselves or whoever they deem worthy of healing. Conversely, those who are cruel and known for misdeeds are still allowed to use these spaces, but are often required to make a great donation proportional to their crimes before being allowed access. Murderers and Sadists are only allowed to use them upon making an act of great personal sacrifice, financially or otherwise. Most often, this loss outweighs the benefits of the waters themselves, so very few villains make their way to Mother Ahuela.

Odeen attempts to spread her influence as much as possible, and numerous shrines and churches can be found spread across the continents of Nexxen. The need for both clean water and magical healing is great across all cultures, therefore such outposts are readily accepted just about everywhere.
Rites: The Rites of Odeen almost always involve the use of purified water as a symbol, a component, or both. Her spheres encompass the majority of creatures, and do not make distinctions based on wealth. For this reason, nearly all of the religious rites of this goddess contain cheap or otherwise easily acquired materials.

While most of these rituals relate to healing maladies such as diseases, injuries, wounds, and toxins, more than a few center around the cleansing of the spirit. Odeen’s followers, while not focused on redemption, believe that the healing properties of water extend to the corruption of the soul, should the receiver wish to be purified in earnest.

The rites themselves are typically carried out by an experienced cleric of Odeen, assisted by one or two acolytes, but sometimes a commoner with the desire to assist. The rituals are at their most powerful under serene conditions, near a large body of water. Very few clerics of Odeen will opt to perform large healing rituals without meeting at least one of these two conditions, as the risks of partial healing can sometimes do more harm than good.
Burial Rites: The followers of Odeen are given to the healing waters, so that their spirits may aid in the healing of the living. Odeen does not deal much with the restoration of life, but more the continuation of it. The river of mortality has many currents and ripples but ultimately flows in one direction, so when a soul reaches the end of its journey atop the waters, it is then released into the tides to strengthen Odeen’s magic for the benefit of all those who live. The ritual is simple. The body is placed on an altar basin filled with water, then held aloft by the presiding cleric. It is draped in a pure white cloth while the hymns of release are sang. As the songs come to a close, the body is released into the altar, the cloth remaining behind. The body is broken down into spiritual essence, and from the being’s heart a momento rune is formed and wrapped within the cloth. This is then given to the deceased’s closest loved one as a keepsake.
Tithe: Odeen does not ask for tithes from the poor, but gratefully accepts donations from those who are willing to give. An acceptable sacrifice is always determined by how much one has to give. For a peasant, it may be a single copper piece flipped into a fountain shrine along with a quick prayer, once a month. For a wealthy noble, a generous bounty of food, medical supplies, and clean drinking water that could be used to benefit the less fortunate is just as welcome as a substantial sum of currency. Regardless of what is expected, the amount is never more than someone would be willing to part with. High ranking members of Odeen’s following are expected to tithe half of their earnings from divine missions, but are allowed to keep the other half for themselves, as well as any other riches they should acquire along their journeys. However, devout clerics of Odeen will often give half of everything they acquire to their deity’s cause, otherwise they would not have been selected to receive the divine connection in the first place.
Benefits: The powers granted to a priest or priestess of Odeen gift them with mastery over healing the wounds of others, preventing acts of evil, and mastery over water as well as the creatures connected to it. At the highest echelons of power, mighty clerics find the ability to restore injuries long since taken, regenerating limbs or miraculously undoing incredible trauma in the blink of an eye. If they are following her interests, forces of evil will find it extremely difficult to interrupt the work of her children. They also gain access to aid from other members of the church, brothers and sisters that are always willing to lend aid when a situation too large to heal with one’s own hands arises.

Followers and clergy alike have regular access to clean drinking water and food that can be found within the ocean. Such resources are freely given with little or no cost to the receiver, so it is not surprising that many commoners choose to worship the Goddess of healing waters. Those who regularly worship Odeen never take ill, and are regularly infused with good health.

Odeen does not, however, provide much in the way of wealth or personal gain. This is rarely an issue, however, for the necessities of life are provided in abundance to those who remain true.
Herald and Allies:
Ahuela [Herald]
Ahuela, the Herald of Odeen, most often takes the form of a statuesque Water Dryad, a beautiful fae woman comprised entirely of shimmering, deep blue water. Fonts of light swirl around within her form, almost giving her the appearance of a body of stars encased in a night sky. Her body, despite being made of water, appears as smooth as glass unless she wills it to move as a liquid normally would. In this case, her figure swirls with the roiling energies of life and positive energy in every movement she makes, a sight that would cause all but the most cynical of mortals to recognize her divine connection.

She carries no weapons, but a small scepter made of coral topped with a simple white stone. When performing miracles in Odeen’s name, this item seems to be the focus of where those energies are stored before they are unleashed. She wears no clothes of any kind, however the nature of her elemental body hides any detail, making her appear more akin to a moving statue.

Ahuela appears most often in response to the prayers of a worthy soul caught in the midst of great suffering, without the power to undo it themselves. When her divine form touches the land, her power spreads through the earth and to those in great need quickly. If this occurs within a body of water, this ability is amplified one hundred fold. Her presence at these sites, such as a battlefield or a city infested with disease, quickly heals the land and all beings living in it, then she quickly disappears. Shortly after, the land will come under Odeen’s protection. As long as the people of that area remain faithful to the goddess’s designs, they will remain secure.
Hierophant [Ally]
Condentson is the capital city of the followers of Odeen, and is ruled by the Hierophant, a high priest of great power who has dedicated his life to healing those in need of it. The Hierophant is a mortal possessed of such divinity that most believe he could have ascended to join the goddess of healing waters many years ago, but he stays behind so he can continue spreading her message. Many believe that the Hierophant is a conduit for Odeen to regularly channel her power into the mortal world, so it is that most who live in the city follow his suggestions without question. It is rumored that the Hierophant in fact stood with Odeen in her attempts to wipe out a great plague affecting her home plane. In that event, he acted as her source of divine power for a short time, as hers had been nullified. The toll on his body and spirit almost cost him his life, but he was able to channel the strength of a god just long enough to allow Odeen to reclaim her territory.
Relationships with other Gods: Both Myst and Kalu stand as friends of Odeen in one form or another. While Myst is more focused on the aspects of water and water creatures, he still believes in the abundance of life, and the two have complimented each other for aeons. Kalu is much more similar to Odeen in terms of temperament, but not so much in terms of the preservation of life. However, since Kalu’s prime concern is love and friendship, the continuation of life often best serves her goals. In this sense the two get along well, and have an unspoken bond of mutual love for each other. Unsurprisingly, directly opposing Odeen are most often gods within the realm of Fire, the very destructive nature of their being practically demanding they stand apart from the goddess of water and healing. However, on occasion Soot has managed to act as a mediator between the two, as he seeks peace and understanding in all things.
The primary faction of Odeen’s church resides within Condention, and in most cases, all other followers of the goddess view Mother Ahuela as a mecca of sorts. Healers typically begin their training in this place, and then are sent out into the world to offer aid to people that need it. An offchute of the main group, Lomino, exists on a continent far to the east, removed from the more western located headquarters. It began with an expedition across the sea to foreign lands, led by a hopeful high priest named Anthus. Regrettably, the journey cost him the lives of many great allies, and while the priest was powerful in his connection to Odeen, the trip took them through the desert, a domain of Sythe. When he at last escaped the fire god’s hateful eye, he settled near a small oasis inhabited by a small populace. His presence there extended the reach of the oasis into a large city built from clay, a resource that Odeen was able to create in abundance for her loyal follower.
The Rod of Odeen
This artifact is a gift bestowed to a loyal follower by Odeen herself, to aid them in a great struggle where their own power may not be enough. It is made of a pure white ivory, and studded with tiny, deep blue Sea Sapphires that run along the length of the shaft. Topping it is a simple blue-silver orb that shimmers as if it were the surface of the ocean on a bright summer day. A faithful of Odeen who wields the rod will find their connection to the goddess strengthened, and the more time they spend using it to heal the wounded, the greater their power will grow.
The Ocean Shroud
This cape has a dark blue outer coating like that of the night sky, with an inner lining that appears to contain the ocean itself. If one were to touch it, they would find their hands gently enveloped by an extra-dimensional space of calm, pleasantly cool water. The waters constantly soothe the wounds of the wearer, granting them regeneration. Furthermore, the shroud envelops them at will, encasing them in a wrapping of the tides. This incredible ability grants them the powers of a water elemental for as long as they need them. While Odeen has few weapons in her arsenal, the Ocean Shroud is considered just that, both armor and sword, in a manner of speaking, to the individual who masters its properties.