Balance Sphere

Balance Sphere
Your Deity represents Balance, the aspect of divinity that keeps creatures in equal standing with one another. To facilitate this, the Balance Sphere grants you abilities to prevent harm and redirect it, alter the flow of morality to best suit the goal of fairness, and even lift the spirits of your allies should they drop too low.
Mastered Prayers: You master Prayer of Balance and Turn Theodulus.
Prayer of Balance
Magic Resistance: No
Basic Divine Prayer
Interruptive Action
Potency: [1d4 + Divine Rank]
Cost: 1 Stamina
Trigger: A creature (not you) within range suffers damage.
Range: 50ft
Target: Triggering creature
Effect: Reduce the damage by your Divine Rank. The attacking creature suffers damage equal to the damage you reduced (of the same type as the triggering attack).
First Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 4
Effect: With channeled benevolence borrowed from your god, you can better influence the hoped of your comrades in their hour of need. Whenever you take an action to shift Tide of Battle in your party's favor, and Tide of Battle is currently not in your party's favor, increase the amount you shift tide by one step.
Second Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 6
Effect: You are protected by a divine force that forever shields you against the power of those interested in furthering their own goals. Gain Damage Reduction equal to your Divine Rank against all Alignment Damage (i.e. Vile, Holy, Entaxic, or Entropic).
Third Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 8
Effect: Within your deity's sphere is the power to alter the energies that comprise spiritual will, while separating yourself from such conflicts. When you cast a prayer that deals Alignment Damage, you may choose to change the damage type to any other alignment damage, provided that the chosen type is not opposed to your alignment (i.e. Evil characters cannot deal Holy damage, Good characters cannot deal Vile damage, etc).