Entaxic Damage

"You stand against me, beast?! I swore an oath to defend these walls, and by the power granted me I shall not fail in this task!"
——-Soldar Stellheart, Warpriest of the order of Metals

Entaxic damage is the supernaturally manifested power of law, used to punish creatures of a non-lawful alignment. This is heavily favored by clerics against demons and other chaotically aligned monsters. It often takes form as a bright yet sharpened energy before accosting it's target. Entaxic damage affects the spirit (which is sometimes then reflected by the body), which can make injuries more difficult to heal.

Entaxic Injuries

Random Entaxic Injuries
Roll 2d6 Moderate Severe Critical Lethal
2 Truth Tongued Truthbound Edict of Candor Sentence of Eternal Order
3 Burden of Law Overtaxed Taxing Debt Locked Soul
4 Ordered Synapses Delayed Synapses Mental Bureaucracy Locked Soul
5 Dizziness Vertigo Extreme Vertigo Scrambled Brain
6 Strength Tax Decree of Debility Lawful Enervation Sentence of Eternal Order
7 Spirit Stunned Soul Rend Soul Shocked Locked Soul
8 Concussion Severe Concussion Coma Brain Dead
9 Paresis Muscle Locked Eternal Hold Complete Petrification
10 Mental Chains Locked Memories Neural Erasure Brain Dead
11 Drowsiness Narcolepsy Extreme Narcolepsy Cardiac Arrest
12 Ordered Flesh Constructed Flesh Crystalbound Complete Petrification

Entaxic Powers