Mind Sphere

Mind Sphere
The Mind Sphere represents mental acuity, strength and utilizing psychic damage as a source of power. The Mind Sphere's Shells grant heavy defenses against mental attacks and exceptional recovery as well.
Mastered Prayers: You master Prayer of Mind and Command.
Prayer of Mind
Magic Resistance: No
Basic Divine Prayer
Interruptive Action
Potency: [1d4 + Divine Rank]
Trigger: A creature succeeds or fails a Saving Throw against an effect with the Mind-Affecting keyword.
Range: 50 ft
Effect: Recognizing mental weakness in your comrades, you infuse them with a portion of your divine intellect. The target rerolls the Saving Throw and takes the second result.
First Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 4
Effect: Your deity wards you against the mental assault of other creatures. Gain a bonus to Saving Throws against effects with the Mind-Affecting keyword equal to ½ your Divine Rank.
Second Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 6
Effect: With your deity's blessing, you can convert divine energy into psychic power. When you cast a Divine Prayer that deals alignment damage (i.e. Holy, Vile, Entropic, or Entaxic), you may choose to convert that damage to Psychic damage instead.
Third Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 8
Effect: The Mind Sphere grants quick recovery to those who utilize it. After a short rest, your spent Resolve replenishes automatically (without you having to burn any Resolve).