Light Sphere

Light Sphere
The Sphere of Light exists to illuminate the paths of all in its service. Those who use it gain expanded use of light based prayers, allowing them to overcome darkness, and even expose things that are hidden. At its most powerful, the Light Sphere grants an aura of searing, penetrating radiance that harms creatures with an aversion to such power.
Mastered Prayers: You master Prayer of Light and Daylight.
Prayer of Light
Magic Resistance: No
Basic Divine Prayer
Free Action
Potency: [1d4 + Divine Rank]
Cost: 1 Resolve
Target: One light source within range.
Effect: Your deity wishes to illuminate everything in the world, and you are the vessel for that light. Double the targets of any prayer with the Light keyword. If the target is an area, you may create two areas (though the effects of overlapping areas do not stack).
First Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 4
Effect: Your light prayers can penetrate magical defenses with greater ease. You gain a +3 bonus to Potency on Divine Prayers with the Light keyword.
Second Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 6
Effect: Your deity's light can expose more than just dark corners, it can find the forms of most things bathed within its glow. When you utilize any Divine Prayer with the Light keyword that creates light in an area, the prayer also reveals any Invisible creatures within the area by outlining them in bright light.
Third Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 8
Effect: You are blessed with a burning radiance that projects outward from you. You gain an Aura (20ft) that shines bright light and deals Radiant damage equal to [2 x Divine Rank]. This Aura activates automatically when a target susceptible to Radiant damage enters the area.