Metal Sphere

Metal Sphere
A god of metal grants the sphere that improves the strength and function of all metal weaponry and armor. These gods are most frequently worshiped by those who desire strength in hand to hand combat.
Mastered Prayers: You master Prayer of Metal and Mend Item.
Prayer of Metal
Magic Resistance: No
Basic Divine Prayer
Interruptive Action
Potency: [1d4 + Divine Rank]
Cost: 1 Resolve
Trigger: A creature hits with a Weapon Attack.
Range: 50ft
Effect: With the will of metal, you can alter the properties of a weapon to aid or hinder. Increase or decrease the Armor Negation of the attack by 2 (min 0).
First Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 4
Effect: Your deity strengthens your steel for the trials ahead. Gain a +1 bonus to the Hardness for any metal weapons that you wield. Additionally, gain a +2 bonus to Opposed checks made to Sunder with a metal weapon.
Second Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 6
Effect: Your armor is more resilient, fortified by the strength of your god. Gain a +0/+1 bonus to AC when wearing metal armor.
Third Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 8
Effect: Your soul is as hard as iron, and that strength now extends to your body. Gain Damage Reduction to Weapon Attacks equal to ½ your Divine Rank.