Corruption Sphere

Corruption Sphere
The Sphere of Corruption belongs to a god obsessed with the tainting of all things, causing harm, death and pestilence wherever its presence is manifested. As such, the cleric is granted an aura that seethes with chaotic, deathly energies which lashes out at all things living.
Mastered Prayers: You master Prayer of Corruption and Traitor's Touch.
Prayer of Corruption
Magic Resistance: No
Basic Divine Prayer
Free Action Action
Potency: [1d4 + Divine Rank]
Limitation: Once per round
Trigger: A creature within range makes a Resilience check against a Disease or Toxin or makes a Saving Throw against a Poison
Range: 50ft
Effect: With a thought, you impart your god's revulsion into a life-threatening effect. Increase the DC of the Resilience Check by 4 (for a Disease or Toxin) or increase the Saving Throw of the Poison by 1d10 (for a Poison).
First Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 4
Effect: Your deity's hateful will oozes out from you with erratic volatility. You gain an Aura of Corruption (10ft) which deals Entropic damage equal to your Divine Rank. You may activate and dismiss the aura as a Free Action. (Pot [1d8 + Divine Rank], MR Yes)
Second Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 6
Effect: As your connection to your god's heinous purpose grows, so does your aura. Increase the radius of your Aura of Corruption to 20ft. Additionally, whenever a creature suffers damage from your Aura of Corruption, if the creature has a Disease, immediately apply the effects of the current Pestilence Level (if it is worse). Additionally Onset times for Toxins affecting the creature are substantially decreased. Onset Interval Times of minutes are converted to an equivalent number of rounds, times in hours are converted to phases, and times in days are converted to hours. This decrease persists until the Toxin has run its course.
Third Shell
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 8
Effect: Much like your deity you seethe with putrid purpose, hateful of all living things and seeking to erode the forces of good down to the bone. Your Aura of Corruption now deals Vile damage in addition to Entropic damage. Additionally, increase the radius of your aura to 30ft and increase the damage it deals to [2 x Divine Rank].