Performance Skill

Perform SkillVaries
Trade Skill
"Getting people to believe what you're saying is one thing, but getting them to feel what you want them too, that is quite another."
——Aaron Thistleleaf, Elven Actor

The Performance Skill represents proficiency with a particular performance, such as Singing, Acting, or playing a specific instrument. Common Performance Skills are listed below, but a character may choose to specialize in any performance appropriate to the setting. Performance skills may be broad, such as Singing and Violin, or specific, such as Opera Singing and Classical Violin. When utilizing a more specific Performance Skill, the Skill Difficulties of the task is reduced by 1 or more. You may choose to take the Performance Skill multiple times, each time training in a different performance.

In addition to using the Perform Skill to please and earn money from a crowd, the Perform Skill allows a character to complete a particular performance well (such as a specific play or piece of music) and allows you to determine the best market for your performance. Lore for your chosen performance skill includes knowledge of famous performers and performance pieces, ability to identify famous pieces and their composers, and determine the origin of a performance piece based on style.

Common Performance Skills
Instrument (specific instrument of choice)DexCha
Common Uses of the Performance Skill
  • Entertain a crowd and earn money performing
  • Identify famous performers
  • Identify the work of a famous composer or writer
  • Identify the geographical or cultural origin of a performance
Common Difficulties for Performances and Expected Earnings
Routine Performance (Street Performance)DF 3DC 151d10 cp/day
Enjoyable Performance (Often seen in Local Taverns)DF 4DC 201d10 sp/day
Great Performance (That seen in a Traveling Troupe)DF 5DC 253d10 sp/day
Memorable Performance (Garners the attentions of Noble Patrons)DF 6DC 301d6 gp/day
Extraordinary Performance (Performance of Legend)DF 7DC 353d6 gp/day
Common Difficulties for Performance Skill Lore
Identify work of local performer or competitorDF 4DC 20
Identify geographic origins of a performance based on styleDF 5DC 25
Identify work of famous performerDF 6DC 30
Identify work of famous composer/writerDF 7DC 35/td>