Ah-She Bloodtusk (Barbarian)

Her name means God-like in the common tongue of her barbarian clan, and her Human father did not give it to her out of pride. From the day she was born, she was the strongest of her generation of raiders. Perhaps due to her Orcish heritage, or maybe something...more. When she came of age, she easily bested the other warriors of her village in a primal rite of passage. When it was over, half of them wanted to murder her, the other half wanted to be her, the people of her harsh northern homeland respecting strength over all other things. Shortly after this victory, her father sent her out in the world to carve out her legend, however she saw fit. For awhile, she easily triumphed over all challenges that crossed her path, and there was never a doubt in her mind that she was a paragon above all other warriors, until she met the Champions of Radiance.

Tactics: Ah-She loves being in the thick of battle, where she can show off her strength and do the most damage. In almost all cases, she prefers to charge into battle immediately, though she avoids targets that appear unarmed or weak, seeing no honor to be gained from killing the helpless. Ah-She is not adverse to following direction when necessary, either, just as long as it doesn’t get in the way of crushing her enemies.

Ah-She Bloodtusk Character Sheet