Divine Disciplines


This divine discipline assaults all facets of order, seeking to breakdown and destroy both the mental and physical facets of a lawful target. The Divine Discipline of Anarchy is not known for it's defensive qualities, and instead concentrates mostly on assault and disruption, not unlike the deities and clerics who claim it in their portfolio.


The Divine Discipline of Combat is highly favored by Paladins and Clerics of War, both good and evil. It seeks to bolster those who use it's divine power with renewed vigor, strength and defensive abilities. It can make of a normal man a true warrior, and a skilled warrior a champion of his people. Powers in the Combat Discipline focus on battle, typically by enhancing Weapon attacks. A Divine character with the combat discipline seeks to enter the fray of combat himself or to augment those who do.


Creation is the power of the divine in it's purest form. Almost all gods grant the ability to heal, mend wounds, objects and diseases alike to their followers. It is through Creation that most divine healing flows, and is one of the most well known and sought after powers an adventuring cleric should master. The Creation Discipline focuses on the divine energies that originally brought about the creation of the world. It allows for the creation of divine objects and effects.


The prayers contained within this discipline constantly seek to counter the forces of Creation, either directly harming a living thing with pure destructive energy, or dismantling physical objects and divine enchantments. While not inherently evil, it is often misrepresented by the ignorant as an evil god's domain. The Destruction Discipline includes prayers that directly inhibit a Divine affect, inflict direct damage to a creature.


Holy divine energy and prayers deal with overwhelming evil forces be they divine or mortal, with goodly energy. It also others against such threats with powerful wards against darkness and evil effects. Holy energy is commonly associated with divine light, as well.


The Discipline of Influence exists as a countermeasure to physical harm and instead controls the mind or emotions to achieve the designs of the gods that grant such powers. It's use and effects can be righteous or heinous, depending on the intent of the wielder.


This discipline is the power most directly responsible for claims of miracles that spread throughout the world. Things such as resurrection and walking on water are common effects found within this divine power. Acts of divinity unexplained and seemingly impossible effects owe credit to the god that grants powers under this domain.


Order is the force of Law made pure, and is the direct counter to the discipline of anarchy. It seeks to impose control over anything it effects, or disrupt the magical effects of chaos. Most practitioners of this divine discipline are similarly rigid, valuing a strict edict above all other things.


The Savior Discipline is a source of power for many Paladins, an individual wielding it must be willing to sacrifice for others and use their powers for the benefit of their charges, for that is when this discipline is most effective. It is also the source of many divine auras that bolster those who wield them.


This dark practice focuses on corruption and blasphemy. A cleric wielding Unholy energy is unquestionably evil, for one must hand themselves over to an evil force in order to learn the secrets of this discipline. Unholy divine magic is extremely harmful to goodly creatures, and can even has the potential to twist a well intentioned being into a malevolent image of their former selves.


The Warding Discipline is primarily concerned with protection against various threats, both mundane and magical. While it typically does not belong to a goodly divine force, many warding abilities combat necromantic and unholy effects.