Nina Slickstep (Rogue)

Nina was orphaned at a young age, and had to find her own way in the world, resorting to theft and the occasional shady deal to make ends meet. But what choice did she have, all by herself, a tiny Halfling in a giant world? That’s the story she tells everyone who she's trying to hoodwink, and most times it works. In truth, her parents wanted her to be a pumpkin farmer in their cozy hilltop homestead, but the open road called to her and eventually she had to answer. She found employ under the Champion’s of Radiance when they saw her potential for speed, accuracy, and getting into a whole lot of trouble. Naturally, they paired her up with their own resident troublemaker, Vendros Linewalker, so he could show her the ropes.

Tactics: Nena is physically very weak, however her accuracy and thieving abilities are second to none. Easily the most dextrous of the party, she prefers to sneak up on her adversaries and deliver a piercing assault with her Stiletto on an isolated enemy. Should she be unable to reach them, Nina will rely on her trusty sling to pelt enemies from afar.

Nina Slickstep Character Sheet