Tao of the Crane

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Tao of the Crane
Advanced Qi Form [Tao]
Prerequisites: Qi Rank 6, Cloud Step
Disciplines: Yang
No Action
Effect: You may use the following modifiers with your Qi Strike:
Flying [Opener]
Cost: REC +2
Effect: Qi fills your bones and muscles to reduce their weight, allowing you to soar through the sky. Move up to your Skirmish speed before the attack, walking on the air. You may ascend or descend at a 45 degree angle as you move, as if you were traversing invisible steps in the air. After the attack, you descend to the ground below without harm.

Feathered [Transformation]
Cost: 1 Stamina
Effect: Your Qi extends out to physically assault your enemies. Increase your reach for the attack by 5ft. If you use the Buffet finisher, your Qi Strike may target creatures that are 5ft apart. Also increase the damage dealt by 1 WD.

Crane [Heart]
Action Change: This power becomes a Focus Action with FT 2. If it is already a Focus Action, increase the FT by 2
Cost: 2 Stamina
Effect: The grace and ease with which you attack your enemies inspires your allies. On a hit, shift Tide of Battle +1 in your favor, up to a maximum of 2.

Buffet [Finisher]
Cost: REC+1, 1 Stamina
Effect: Emulating a flapping bird, you repeatedly pummel your opponents with your arms. You may make your Qi Strike attack on up to two adjacent creatures.