Serian Shimmerleaf (Sorcerer)

Serian is beautiful, and for that reason alone she decided long ago that it is only fitting she become the greatest Sorcerer the world has ever known. Not only that, but she was born to Elven gentry, naturally putting her at the top of the pecking order in just about any circle she finds herself in. She has a way with people, and if she can’t get them to give her what she wants through conversation, she always has her magic as a decent fallback. It came as no surprise to her, of course, that the legendary Champions of Radiance accepted her request to join their band. They seemed a little off put by her attitude, but that has never bothered her. After all, if one wants to climb the social ladders of this world, they must first start small.

Tactics: Serian is extremely vain, and does not like to fight because of the risk it puts his body in. His spells are designed to disable and control enemies, and throw in a little bit of damage to make them think twice about approaching. His greatest strength is his political acumen, having a greater deal of social acumen than the other PCs.

Serian Shimmerleaf Character Sheet