FarmingConstitution & Wisdom
Trade Skill
"It's hard work, but it's honest. Crops don't lie. You either did it right, or you starve."
——Ramsey Solomon, Peasant Farmer

Farming is the ability to identify, plant, grow and harvest plants for food. It also allows for the raising of domesticated animals for food production (ie. milk and eggs) or for slaughter. This also involves knowledge of the value of farmed goods and the best market for a particular crop. Farming lore allows a character to determine which kinds of crops will grow best in a particular climate or environment and the ability to locate the origin of exotic crops.

Common Uses of the Farming Skill
  • Produce your own food
  • Know the market value of farmed products
  • Identify exotic crops
  • Identify and utilize farming tools and equipment
Common DCs for Farming
Produce food to feed yourself for one day. For every 2 points
you exceed the DC, increase the number of days food you can
obtain by 1 or the number of people you can feed by 1.
DF 2DC 10
Identify common cropDF 3DC 15
Determine fair price for farm goodsDF 4DC 20
Produce enough food to sell at market for a profitDF 4DC 20
Identify appropriate crop for a climate or environmentDF 5DC 25
Repair farming tools and equipmentDF 5DC 25
Identify exotic cropDF 6DC 30