ForgeryDexterity & Intelligence
Trade Skill
"The deed to castle Blackstone, you say? And you found it just sitting in the alley? Right by Old Man Chudstein's Tavern?"
——Skeptical Magistrate

Forgery is the art of creating fake documents and imitating the handwriting of others. In addition to creating forgeries, Forgers are able to detect forged documents and analyze handwriting samples to determine how closely they match. Forgery lore includes knowledge of famous forgeries (and forgers) and a familiarity with the look, layout, and feel of official documents.

Common Uses of the Forgery Skill
  • Create forged documents
  • Analyze handwriting samples and imitate another's handwriting
  • Determine if a document is genuine
  • Recognize official documents
Common Modifiers for Examining Forgeries
Unfamiliar with document being forged-5
Forgery only casually reviewed-5
Somewhat familiar with document or handwriting being forged0
Very familiar with document or handwriting being forged+5