Torrance of the Beasts (Ranger)

Torrance grew up in the town of Bluffcrest, a peaceful village nestled among the mountains that up until recently, never had a single bad thing happen to it. He could not wait to escape. As a young man he found himself traveling the woods and mountain ranges almost constantly, looking for any kind of excitement. He developed a reputation as something of a wild child, although truthfully he just felt at peace in the wilds, without the trappings of society to way him down. Before long, he realized he had a talent for navigating the forests, and befriending the inhabitants of such areas. The Champions of Radiance recruited him as an apprentice to Sendra Sinshatter, who trained him into becoming a proper Ranger. He's been happy sharing their adventures, along with their other recruits, and hopes the day will never come when he will have to stop exploring.

Tactics: Torrance is a team player in combat, especially with his bear companion. He will send in his furry friend to set up his enemies while he decimates them from afar with arrows from his longbow. He prefers to tie up his adversaries with well placed shots, leaving them held in place for his allies to finish off.

Torrance of the Beasts Character Sheet