Focus Action

Focus Actions, like Cast Actions, requires the user to spend time focusing on a power prior to its taking effect. This length of time for this is denoted as a Focus Time (FT) and can be measured in segments, minutes, or hours. Focused actions require you to maintain Concentrate during the focus time and are vulnerable to disruption (see Concentration). When the Focus Time of a power is completed, any energy costs associated with the action must be pain and the effects of the power are resolved. Focus Actions typically have a Recovery Time in addition to the Focus Time, and after the effects of the power are realized you must wait the Recovery Time before you may take your next turn.

Marcus chooses to use the Aim Method in order to increase his chances of hitting his opponent. On his next turn, in segment 3, he begins to use the Aim power which has a focus time of 2 segments. In segment 5 is Focus Time completes, and he makes a Ranged Weapon Attack on his opponent at a +1 bonus. He must now wait the recovery time of his attack before his next turn.

Unlike Cast Actions, Focus Actions may not be held and never require components. Focus actions are generally considered to be a purely mental action, however they may required some physical execution (GM's Discretion).