Skill Checks

Skill Checks are used any time your character uses a skill to accomplish a task. Skill checks are typically only required if there is a significant chance of failure (especially if there are consequences to failure). To make a skill check, your character will roll a d20 and add the corresponding Skill Check Bonus. The more difficult the task, the higher the result must be in order to accomplish it. In addition to a high enough skill check, some tasks may require training of a certain tier (as described above) to be successfully completed. See Using Skills in the How to Play section for more details.

Most skill checks will be rolled versus a set threshold (known as a DC) based on the Difficulty of the task. Other Skill Checks will be rolled versus your opponent's Awareness score or versus an opposing skill.

Skill Check Bonuses

The Skill Check Bonus is dependent on Skill Rank, two Attribute Accuracy modifiers, and miscellaneous bonuses. The Attribute Accuracy Modifiers utilized for each skill are indicated next to the skill on each skill page.

You can calculate your character's Skill Check Bonus using the following equation. For Trade Skills, you will need to calculate this total twice: Once for the Application score and once for the Lore score (using the same Skill Rank in both cases).

Total Skill Check Bonus = (2 x Skill Rank) + AttA 1 + AttA 2 + Miscellaneous Bonuses