Bypassing Tumble

Bypassing Tumble
Basic Physical Maneuver [General]
Prerequisites: Physical Rank 2, Tumble Rank 5
Free Action
Cost: 2 Stamina
Trigger: You move using a Shift or Skirmish speed.
Effect: Living dangerously has its advantages. A skilled acrobat with nerves of steel can often move in and out of a weapon's range with deceiving speed. During your movement you attempt to move through a single opponent's space. Make a Tumble check:
DC: 5 + Opponent's Awareness
Success: You move through the opponent's space, and you do not grant any oppotunities for your movement to the opponent.
Fail: Your movement is halted and you grant an opportunity to your opponent
Special: Certain types of terrain may impose penalties to your tumble check.
Master Augment, Greater Bypass
[Tumble Rank 8]
Effect: You may now attempt to move through the space of multiple opponents. You must make a separate Tumble check against each opponent (as above).