TumbleDexterity & Intelligence
Active Skill [Check Penalty]
"Tuck your chin in, place your hand down, push off your feet and roll off your shoulder! No....no not off your face. Your shoulder."
——--First Day at Flying Peniscule's School of Acrobatics

The Tumble Skill represents your character's ability to spring, somersault and perform similar acrobatic feats. While entertaining to watch, tumble can also be used in combat to avoid your enemies threat (see Tumbling Dodge). Tumbling can sometimes be used to avoid obstacles, such as diving across a table, flipping over a fence, or dodging through a room of bladed pendulums (see Feat of Acrobatics). The DC of such an act is set by the difficulty level determined by the GM.

Common Uses of the Tumble Skill
  • Use Tumbling Dodge to avoid granting opportunities from movement
  • Use Feats of Acrobatics to bypass obstacles while moving
  • Entertain a crowd with Acrobatic ability
Things that Modify Tumble Checks
Floor is Cluttered-5
Floor is Sloped-5
Floor is Slippery-10
Dense Undergrowth-10
Hazardous TerrainVaries

These modifiers are cumulative. For example, a cluttered floor that is also sloped would result in a -8 penalty to tumble checks.

Examples Difficulties for Feat of Acrobatics
Hop a wall half your heightDF 2DC 10
Roll over a tableDF 3DC 15
Backflip over a counterDF 4DC 20
Leap through a burning hoop DF 4DC 20
Swinging across the room on a chandelier DF 5DC 25
Dance unscathed through a hallway filled with fiery jets DF 7DC 35

Tumble is a prerequisite for many powers and feats based on movement and acrobatics.