Tao of the Badger

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Tao of the Badger
Advanced Qi Form [Tao]
Prerequisites: Qi Rank 4
Disciplines: Yang
No Action
Effect: You channel Qi into your limbs, granting you the tenacity of a Badger. You may use the following modifiers with your Qi Strike:
Cleaving [Opener]
Cost: REC +1, 1 Stamina
Effect: Your attack also targets one additional creature within your reach that is adjacent to a primary target. Use the same attack roll for this target as you used for the primary target.

Ferocious [Transformation]
Cost: 1 Stamina
Effect: Your sudden, unorthodox assault leaves the enemy open to attack. On a hit, allies (not you) that attack the target within the next 10 segments gain a +1 WD bonus to attacks.

Badger [Heart]
Effect: Your attack fills you with the savage rage of a Badger. If you hit, your next attack (made within 10 segments) deals an additional 1 WD. Alternatively, if you miss, your next attack (made within 10 segments) is at Disadvantage but deals an additional 3 WD.

Rip [Finisher]
Cost: 1 Stamina
Effect: Your Qi hardens around your striking limbs, reinforcing them with cutting power. Change the damage type of the attack to Slashing damage and gain a +1 WD bonus to damage.