GamblingDexterity & Charisma
Trade Skill
"I don't know if he just knows how to throw the bones just right, or if he's just good with odds. Heck, maybe he's just damned lucky."
——Local Vagrant

Gambling is the art of making bets and playing games for money. Training in gambling allows a character to determine the odds of a game and deduce ways to sway the odds in their favor (both legitimately and illegitimately). Gamblers can also potentially detect the cheating of others. Gambling lore includes familiarity with games and betting structure and a knowledge of gaming culture and customs.

Common Uses of the Gambling Skill
  • Place bets and earn money gambling
  • Identify and infiltrate gambling circuits
  • Identify the rules and odds of a game
  • Cheat without getting caught
  • Catch cheaters
Example DCs for Gambling
Identify Rules of a Common GameDF 13/td>DC 15
Identify Gambling CircuitDF 4DC 20
Identify Rules of a Uncommon GameDF 4DC 20
Infiltrate Gambling CircuitDF 5DC 25