HerbalismIntelligence & Wisdom
Trade Skill
"Never underestimate something that grows out of the dirt. Everything good and bad that exists came out of it at some point."
——Thomas Lagrassi, Druid

Herbalism is the study and identification of plants for medicinal, alchemical, and magical purposes. Herbalism allows you to identify, collect, and prepare plants, fungi, and similar substances for use in salves, poultices, teas, poisons, toxins, and potions. An herbalist may create any plant-based salves, poultices, teas, poisons, and toxins, but Alchemy is required to create any magical goods. Herbalists with Farming abilities can potentially grow and cultivate their own herbal ingredients. Herbalism lore includes knowledge of climate and environment where specific ingredients can be found and legends of rare ingredients and their properties.

Common Uses of Herbalism
  • Identification of plants and their uses
  • Preparation of plants for use as ingredients (i.e. drying, juicing, grinding, extracting oil or seeds, etc.)
  • Identifying the likely location to find a particular ingredient
  • Prepare simple salves, poultices, and teas
Example DCs for Herbalism
Identify common plant and its usesDF 3DC 15
Simple preparation method (drying, boiling, grinding, etc)DF 3DC 15
Identify Uncommon plant and its usesDF 4DC 20
Complicated preparation method (press oil, juice, extract seeds, etc)DF 4DC 20
Prepare common poultice, salve. or tea from multiple ingredientsDF 5DC 25
Identify rare plant and its usesDF 6DC 30
Prepare uncommon poultice, salve. or tea from multiple ingredientsDF 7DC 35