Exsanguinating Strike

Exsanguinating Strike
Ultimate Martial Technique [Lunge]
Prerequisites: Martial Rank 8
Disciplines: Stalker
Standard Action [REC Weapon Speed + 4]
Cost: 1 Karma, 5 Stamina and 3 Stamina Burn
Effect: You cut your target wide open, ripping at the same wound on their body repeatedly, spilling your opponent's blood across the stones. Make three attacks, on the same or different creatures:
Range: Melee
Target: One creature within reach
Attack: Melee Weapon vs. AC
Hit: Weapon[4 WD] damage and the target suffers ongoing 20 Bleed every 5 segments [SE, ST 5d10 vs CON]. If the same target is hit mutiple times, the Bleed effects stack.
Augment, Greater Exsanguination
[Martial Rank 9, Stacking]
Stacking [Rank 9, 11, 13, etc]: This augment may be applied multiple times and is limited by your Martial Rank.
Effect: Increase the damage dealt by 1 WD. Increase the ongoing Bleed damage by 5.