Stalker Techniques

Assassins, murderers and serial killers all make the best Stalkers. The Stalker is patient, preferring stealth and guile to a direct confrontation. Unlike most warriors, they don't see combat as glorious, or something to be prideful of. No, to them it is just a means to an end, a way to get what they want or satisfy their own needs. Stalkers learn to take advantage of the shadows and a good hiding spot, striking their target when they are at their weakest. In fact, a Stalker usually works best when alone. The more people you add to a killing, the more chances you create to botch the final act. Stalkers deal unforgiving, precise strikes, usually to an unwary opponent, sometimes utilizing poison to ensure that they fall when they're supposed to. Even better, once they drop, the killer leaves quietly, and no one knows they were ever there. No big messes, no fighting your way out, no witnesses. If he can catch a victim unaware, a skilled Stalker can do what he wants to the body. He can knock them out, kill them, silence them, whatever needs to happen. As long as he can create the setup, the Stalker knows he can always get the job done.

Basic Stalker Techniques

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