Sightless Shroud Stance

Sightless Shroud Stance
Basic Martial Technique [Stance]
Prerequisites: Martial Rank 2
Disciplines: Stalker
Standard Action [REC 1]
Cost: 2 Resolve
Duration: 10 rounds.
Upkeep: Spend 2 Resolve and increase the duration by 10 rounds.
Effect: You position yourself to fully survey your surroundings at all times, using your peripheral vision to detect even minute disturbances. While in this stance, targets adjacent to you do not gain benefits from Partial or Superior Concealment.
Special: This stance ends immediately if you enter another stance or you are rendered Helpless.
Master Augment, Immediate Stance
[Martial Rank 4]
Cost: 2 Resolve
Effect: This technique becomes an Immediate Action instead of a Standard Action.

Powers augmented by the Sightless Shroud Stance