Furious Assault Stance

Furious Assault Stance
Ultimate Martial Technique [Stance]
Prerequisites: Martial Rank 8
Disciplines: Stalker
Standard Action [REC 1]
Cost: 1 Karma and 2 Resolve Burn
Duration: 10 rounds.
Effect: You hold your weapon in physically perfect balance and position in conjunction with your body. While in this stance, your Backstab power deals maximum damage. Additionally, this stance may be used in place of any other Stalker Stance you have mastered for the purposes of meeting prerequisites.
Special: This stance ends immediately if you enter another stance or you are rendered Helpless.
Master Augment, Immediate Stance
[Martial Rank 9]
Cost: 1 Resolve Burn
Effect: This technique becomes an Immediate Action instead of a Standard Action.