Shadow Jaunt

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Shadow Jaunt
Advanced Qi Form [Metaphysical, Teleport]
Prerequisites: Qi Rank 5
Disciplines: Yin
Standard Action [REC 5]
Cost: 2 Resolve
Effect: You release your Qi throughout your body, and darken its aura, becoming one with the shadows. Move either your Skirmish or your Shift speed. Once, during your movement, if you move into an area of shadow you may then instantaneously travel to another area of shadow within 100ft.
Augment, Greater Shadow Jaunt
[Qi Rank 6, Stacking]
Stacking [Rank 6, 7, 8, etc]: This augment may be used multiple times and is limited by your Qi Rank.
Effect: Traveling through the blackness becomes easier as you further darken your Qi. Increase the distance you can travel between shadows by 50ft.