Impose Order

Impose Order
Magic Resistance: Yes
Basic Divine Prayer [Magical]
Prerequisites: Divine Rank 1
Disciplines: Order
Potency: [1d4 + Divine Rank]
Cast Action [CT 2, REC 3]
Components: V, S
Cost: 2 Resolve
Duration: 1 Round or until dismissed, dispelled or disrupted.
Range: Touch
Target: One willing creature
Effect: Calling upon your faith to crush the weakness afflicting your ally, your touch stabilizes the mind and body of the target, instantly removing the Confused, Enfeebled, Enraged, Sickened, Nauseated, and Petrifying conditions. Additionally, the target becomes immune to the above conditions and any Polymorph abilities for the duration of this prayer.
Master Augment, Status Lock
[Divine Rank 2]
Effect: You may now target an unwilling creature with this ability. Make an attack:
Range: Touch
Target: One unwilling creature
Attack: Devotion vs. Touch
Hit: The target is under the effects of Impose Order, preventing it from using Polymorph or Shape Change abilities for the duration of this prayer. The target also gains the normal benefits of the prayer (i.e. removal and immunity to the specified conditions).
Augment, Enduring Order
[Divine Rank 5, Stacking]
Stacking [Rank 5 & 8]: This augment may be applied twice and is limited by your Divine Rank.
Cost: 1 Resolve
Effect: Increase the duration of this prayer by 1 round.