Tao of Shadow

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Tao of Shadow
Advanced Qi Form [Tao, Metaphysical]
Prerequisites: Qi Rank 6, Shadow Jaunt
Disciplines: Yin
No Action
Effect: Your Qi gains a dark tinge, and you spread it throughout your body, merging with darkness as if you were made of shadow. You may use the following modifiers with your Qi Strike:
Shadow-Walking [Opener]
Cost: REC +2
Effect: Before the attack you may use your Shadow Jaunt power as a free action. Increase its cost by 1 Resolve. You may not Lunge or Charge when using this Opener.

Sinister [Transformation]
Effect: Your darkened Qi influences your willingness to inflict harm on a vulnerable target. If you have Advantage on the target, increased the damage dealt by 2 WD.

Shadow [Heart]
Cost: 3 Stamina
Effect: Your Qi surrounds your body, drawing you back into the darkness. On a hit, you may make a Stealth check to gain Superior Concealment (All Senses) against the target for the next 10 segments.

Ambush [Finisher]
Cost: 2 Stamina
Effect: You use the shadows around you to your advantage. If you have Superior Concealment against the target, increase the damage dealt by 3 WD.