Tao of the Bear

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Tao of the Bear
Advanced Qi Form [Tao]
Prerequisites: Qi Rank 4
Disciplines: Balance
No Action
Effect: You channel a large amount of QI, and find yourself heavier, faster, and more powerful as you settle into a stance using all four of your limbs. You may use the following modifiers with your Qi Strike:
Ricocheting [Opener]
Action Change: This power becomes a Focus Action with FT 1. If it is already a Focus Action, increase the FT by 1
Cost: 2 Stamina
Effect: You barrel forward into your enemies, using their bodies as a launching point for renewing your assault. Charge the target at no additional cost. On a hit, you may Charge another target and repeat the attack on that target. This movement does not incur an attack of Opportunity from either target.

Sharpened [Transformation]
Effect: Your fingers grow thick and sharp with funneled QI. Change the damage type of the attack to Slashing Damage and gain a +4 Power bonus to Armor Negation.

Bear [Heart]
Effect: Your body swells up with your breath as you cut into a foe. Before the attack, gain [3 x Qi Rank] in Temporary Hitpoints.

Maul [Finisher]
Cost: 1 Stamina
Effect: For a brief moment, your blow mimics the raw power of the bear just before the Qi dissipates. Increase the damage dealt by 1 WD.