Harmony, self acceptance, open mindedness with power and technique in equal measure are among the traits found in a Monk who seeks balance.A true warrior is always at conflict with oneself, forever attempting to weigh their earthly tethers, strength and positivity against their spiritual growth, skill and negativity. The monk who seeks balance accepts this, and constantly struggles to maintain the tenuous balance between Yin and Yang while embroiled in outside conflict. Powers from the Balance Discipline focus on improvement of oneself, enhancing the body and mind in equal parts. It can even lend itself to work that requires focus, such as craft skills and extraordinary feats of athleticism. The combat Qi Forms found within Balance mimic animals with a straight forward approach to combat. They favor power, maneuverability, athleticism and deception. One who walks the path of Balance will find there is a little bit of each aspect within their discipline.

Basic Balance Forms

Advanced Balance Forms

Legendary Balance Forms

Ultimate Balance Forms

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List of Balance Forms