Duelist Techniques

The Duelist is a type of Fighter who values precision, skill and active defense over brute force. Many duelists prefer lighter armor and wielding two weapons at once, overwhelming their opponents with dazzling displays of speed and swordsmanship. A Fighter skilled in this Discipline can parry an enemy's attack, disarm them, and follow up with a series of blinding strikes while they are no longer able to defend themselves. This aspect of martial prowess typically favors lighter armor for greater mobility, although it is not required, as many of their abilities involve dodging and striking while moving gracefully through the battlefield. After all, why burden yourself with all that heavy lifting when you can simply bleed your foe from a thousand wounds with half the effort?

Basic Duelist Techniques

Advanced Duelist Techniques

Legendary Duelist Techniques

Ultimate Duelist Techniques

List of Duelist Techniques