Marksman Techniques

The Marksman Discipline focuses on ranged attacks. While many prefer to master the bow, it is not unheard of to use a crossbow or thrown weapon to take advantage of the skills this fighting style offers. A skilled Marksman learns how to increase the range of their long distance attacks as well as their power. More than just an increase in strength, however, they learn to perform ballistic feats that can pin, disable and disorient targets. A skilled Marksman can even utilize trick shots in combat firing multiple shots at once to devastate the battlefield, or deflect attacks in some cases. With enough practice, he can even learn to spot weaknesses in an opponent's defense that could ordinarily only be capitalized in a split second, firing a blinding shot in half an instant. A Master Marksman on the battlefield often appears as a blur to an unfortunate opponent, picking off his enemies with terrifying speed and precision.

Basic Marksman Techniques

Advanced Marksman Techniques

Legendary Marksman Techniques

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List of Marksman Techniques